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The week of March 17th

Kicking the week off with St. Patrick’s Day was a great start but even that wasn’t the best highlight of the week.  It started with some great conversations with a good friend, Stephen Smith, about his experiences on the governance committee of  Crittenton Women’s Union.  We gained some great insight on my current bylaws draft as well as some of my expectations about the board and board governance.  After that, we sent out the strategic plan to several more individuals to solicit early feedback and improvements.  Later in the week I had the pleasure of sharing lunch with our friends at DeFur Voran to solidify our approach to the 501c3 application.


Oakwood Retreat CenterAfter that we were in for a special treat and got to meet with with Amy Rhodes and Ted Blodgett of the Oakwood Retreat Center at Rainbow Farm.  It was a great chat and good tour of the farm along with the history and future plans.  Afterward good information was shared on the permaculture class going on right now in NREM at Ball State and plans were made for additional follow up meetings.


Downtown Farm StandLater on we were able to meet with Dave Ring of Downtown Farm Stand and Lenen Nicola of 20 Lunches (coming soon) and had a great discussion about the strategy and planning to make things a reality.


Finally, we ‘launched’ the social media side of Farmished this weekend by inviting people to our social media pages and inviting them to comment on the ideas behind Farmished along with selecting a logo.  So, if you haven’t visited us on your favorite social media outlet, please do and let us know what you like and what you would like to see changed.  If you really love the vision, please share it with all your friends.

Thank you for your help and kind comments of support thus far.


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