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The week of March 10th

This past week has been a flurry of information trading, meetings, and research.  I’m getting such wonderful feedback from those that I have reached out to that I have to share.  Ron FauquherFirst, Ron Fauquher of Ontario Systems gave not only a thumbs up on the notion but then followed it up with a wealth of information on the community, other leaders, funding, and even some farming contacts.  I received excellent email feedback from several people this week such as Barb Stedman who has been heavily involved in the Living Lightly Fair for a long time and Scott Lutocka from Piazza Produce.  Several more of you have let me know you are reading up and will have some thoughts soon.

I was also able to meet with Barry Banks of the Red-Tail Land Conservancy.  Barry was very kind with his time and advice to help guide me through some of the more difficult topics in starting up something of this nature.  He was also very good to have shared more contacts for me to reach out to.

On the operational front, the articles of incorporation are filed and approved, an EIN exists, the bylaws are drafted, a board solicitation document is drafted, and a logo is in final revision.  The website will be seeing as many of these goodies as possible in the near future.

Up for next week is a meeting to get some legal advice on a couple matters and a fun trip to Rainbow Farm and meeting planned with Amy Rhodes and Ted Blodgett.  Amy is the Director at Land-Based Education & Agritour Design which is really worth the click to check out!


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