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Thoughts from the ECO-Film Fest at the Indy IMAX

I had the pleasure of attending the ECO-Film Fest as a part of the Going Green Festival at the downtown IMAX in Indy last Friday.  It was a great event put together mostly by Jim Poyser, the Executive Director of Earth Charter Indiana, who did a wonderful job with the selection of the films and promotion.  It was a unique experience because one of the films being shown was “Down to Earth – small farm issues in a big farm world” produced by Dr. Andrea Powell Wolfe in which I was able to participate.
The Beckers We were accompanied by Kyle and Emily Becker of Becker Farms, the main subjects of the film.  It was great to sit behind the big screen and see the magic of what the students were able to create come to life with a room full of people passionate about the subject.  The interaction between the crowd and the Beckers after the film was impressive as well.  I think more of these community interactions would help increase the awareness and general level of caring about current local issues facing our farmers in our local communities trying to do the right things.
Farm City Graphic
I wanted to provide you with links to the films because the other food based film that aired was also really well done.  It was called “Farm City – An Indy Food Story

I recommend both films as I think they are a pretty short watch and deliver a powerful message.  Please share them with your friends if you are moved after you watch them.


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