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Winter update

  Today is a good day for a winter update on how things are going with the Farmished Urban Training Farm project.  While the EPA has the site locked down until there is a plan for the clean up submitted and approved, other EPA investigators came to town and asked a lot of questions!  They will be preparing a report that will go with the request for funding the cleanup.  We don’t have a time estimate on the clean up request as it is an iterative process of questions and answers until a funding determination is made.

  On the progress side, Farmished now owns the 1.2 acre lot that was a carve out in the northwest corner of our property.  The tax lien was purchased and donated to Farmished and now that the time has expired, a tax deed has been issued to Farmished.  This property brings us to about 12 acres in total and can now be incorporated into the clean up project.
  One of the things the EPA asked us to do is continue to monitor the property for foot traffic and activity after the new fences were up.  So, this afternoon we conducted some reconnaissance with the snow still down to assist looking for footprints.  The good news is, the rabbit population is high around the property and the human traffic is non-existent.  The new fences are still up and whole and all looks contained at this point.   You can enjoy the highlights reel as we investigate the fences.   Thank you for your continued support and interest in this project!

Farmished inspection of the new fences

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