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Local foods, Local Places 2015

It is time to apply for the second round of the Local Foods, Local Places program! LFLP-header.fw This is something we participated in last year and did not win but it is back this year and looks like there were some great success stories from the last round of funding.  This is going to be a crowd sourced effort again where you can all participate!  Please use THIS LINK to contribute to the document.  We will keep things in brain storming mode at least until September 1st and perhaps a bit later before the document will be refined for submission.   We are applying as a community so we need you and your thoughts!

Here is some information on the program itself if you missed it last year and if you want to see what they funded last year.

The 2014 Final Report where you can see what was funded and get ideas for our proposal this year.

The Program Page where you can find details on the program and the application



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