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Farmished will carry out its mission through the pursuit of the following three goals:

Facilitate the creation and preservation of the local sustainable food system through existing thriving businesses and through the promotion of new businesses that will fundamentally change the quality and price of local food choices for all citizens

In support of this goal, we will:

Improve the business viability of local sustainable food production

  • Organize a focus‐group style forum for businesses in the local sustainable food system to determine the biggest blockers to success
  • Design programs or projects to organize available resources targeting the top blockers, possibly including a local slaughterhouse that would adhere to sustainable practices and requests, software systems for management purposes, subsidy programs, livestock insurance, a local restaurant, and others
  • Repeat this cycle as conditions change and new entrants to the system occur 

Facilitate and advocate for local entrepreneurs to start sustainable food production ventures

  • Provide educational training and orientations for candidates who wish to pursue startups in the  local sustainable food system
  • Continuously research new methods and technologies for sustainable food growth practices and incorporate them in future education programs while publishing them for the good of the community

Elevate the socioeconomic status of the community by providing quality, engaged, and well‐trained employees, leaders, and entrepreneurs to the local sustainable food system

In support of this goal, we will:

Educate area citizens, with a focus on un/unemployed youth, on sustainable food production skills and career development while instilling a good work ethic and sense of community

Identify citizens who demonstrate leadership and entrepreneurial skills and mentor them

  • Provide a teaching farm where citizens can volunteer or be employed to make compost and raise worms, livestock, crops, and garden vegetables and to undertake other growing endeavors
  • Educate citizens on the mechanics of running a farm, selling the harvest, managing distribution, and customer service
  • Undertake outreach projects in the local community, planting local gardens and generally beautifying local neighborhoods.

Improve nutritional health and awareness of the consumer’s role in the local sustainable food system, leading to reduced health issues and healthcare costs and improved community wellness

In support of this goal, we will:

Provide nutritional education and awareness

Provide affordable food to citizens of every socioeconomic status

  • Reconnect or connect individuals with the origins of their food through site visits, tours, and workshops
  • Promote locally grown/raised, sustainable food available at attainable prices for all
  • Work with local school systems, day cares, and corporate cafeterias to offer locally grown/raised, sustainable food.