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Farmished seeks a Tractor – used, loaned, donated. Please share!

Farmished is looking for a Tractor to use on the Urban Training Farm over the winter and early spring.  tractorWe are looking for a used purchase or a kind donation.  In the interim if you are located close to the Muncie site and would be willing to loan us the use of your tractor while we find a permanent one, we would like to hear from you too!  We are looking for something in the 50-70 HP range but pretty flexible on that for the loaner.  We need to be able to run a 3pt hitch bushhog/mower.  We also are looking for one with a front loader capability with four wheel drive being a plus.  If you have any friends with these kind of utility tractors please share this with them.  They might be looking for a good end of the year tax deduction we can provide from a donation.  Thank you for helping us spread the word!

Please contact info@farmished.org if interested.

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