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Farmished acquires a tractor

Earlier in the week we traveled to eastern Ohio to take a look at a used tractor for use on the farm.   2015-04-04 14.11.45 After some shrewd negotiations, and perhaps some shameless pleading that we won’t confirm or deny, we were able to purchase our first tractor for the urban training farm!  Many thanks to logoThe Community Foundation of Muncie & Delaware County for providing the grant money required to purchase the tractor.  The tractor has had a hard life so far, but as of this morning, it arrived at our fine farm where it will be treated with some love and respect it dearly needs. 2015-04-04 14.14.36  We will be giving it some much needed service and repairs and then the tractor will be used to mow the property, clear, organize, and sort debris for removal and most importantly, to start the compost program.  We are still in search of the rest of the equipment we need for compost, but this was the first, and most difficult one to find.  The rest is all about funding.   The tractor is a 1990 CASE IH 5130 with four wheel drive and a front loader.  2015-04-04 14.14.47  We are very excited about having a tractor on the farm so we will be able to start some of the cleanup and other programs on the farm as soon as we complete the environmental survey this spring.  Thank you for your continued care and support!

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